Michele d’Amelio

I grew up in the small town of Lioni in Irpinia, in the province of Avellino about an hour and a half from Naples.  Mine was not a family of pizza makers.
I was brought up with good food that came from the green hills from where I was born, and from my family’s generation long production of raw materials.
From our wheat to our flour, bread was baked twice a week and on Sundays fresh pasta.
Hence began my white world of flour, as I started to make my pizzas before the bread was baked and I haven’t stopped yet.
I started to pursue this path in local pizzerias.  Still unsure that this was my passion, I met Saverio Ciampi who introduced me to the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani under their President Sergio Miccu’.
At 21 I took over my friend pizzeria.
In September 2012 I moved to Dallas, where I initially had to stay only three months which became two years.
March 2013 I became the World Champion at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas for the “Italian Division”; a dream come true.
With my new title, in April 2013 I went to Parma for the World Championship of Pizza where I won 2nd place in the category “Pizza Napoletana DOC”.
In May 2014 I moved to Paris but after four months I returned to establish my collaboration with the Orlando Food Sales and Molino Caputo, and CIAO tomatoes.
May 2014 on the success of the wire I move to Paris but after four months and do not ‘love affair with the city.