77 Fulton St. New York, NY 10038

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 Kestè Pizza e Vino New York

  77 Fulton St.

  New York, NY 10038


February 1st – 10th (Neapolitan)

February 20th – 27th (American)

Feb 27th – Mar 5th (Neapolitan)

March 13th – 19th (American)

April 3rd – 9th (Neapolitan)

April 24th – 30th (American)

May 1st – 7th (Neapolitan)

May 22nd-28th  (American)

June 5th- June 11th (Neapolitan)

June 26th – 30th (American)

July 3rd – 9th (Neapolitan)

July 24th – 30th  (American)

July 31st – August 6th (Neapolitan)

August 28th – Sept 1st (American)

The training course Gluten Free Pizza and training course Mozzarella & Burrata are held on demand in the same week of the Neapolitan Pizza or American Pizza training course if we meet the minimum number of participants (3).

RSVP & Fees

Tuition for this course is $4,500 per person. Reserve your spot today by filling out the contact form or call Giorgia at info@apnamerica.com.


    Kestè Fulton

    77 Fulton Street